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Our games this summer vegan pasta.

Our vegan pasta's.

Our games this summer vegan pasta.

Pasta counts as one of the most beloved meals around the world. It is widely accepted that vegan pasta makes each and every meal better and prettier, be it mushroom soup or tomatoes. And to be specific, vegetarian pasta is quite a delicacy for vegans and vegetarians or anyone who u tends to make it a no meat day.  You can use almost any vegetable to whip up the best pasta as per your desires, but when it comes to vegetarian pasta prepared by Dolopia, there is always emphasis on taste and quality.  We always stress on getting the best pasta to our customers and when it comes to vegetarian pasta we mince no efforts bringing out the best in the meal.

Our vegan pasta is made with the best ingredients in the market. The base ingredients for this delicacy include a traditional Greek wheat flour called Mavragani. We stone ground the wheat grain flour rather than take it through the hasty modern processes that would make them devoid of their natural taste and aroma.  We are in no rush during production, making our pasta on small scale to ensure that we pay due attention to the whole process.  We do not want to rush anything that is why we ensure that we do it slow and right.

Drying of pasta is made in the most natural way, with the pasta placed in well-ventilated spaces for a gradual drying process. The ensures that at the end of the day we get a well-dried pasta for you, with its unique taste and aroma preserved.  We are always looking out to ensure that the pasta comes out with all its natural ingredients, using mechanical techniques to give it a rough surface that holds together all the ingredients with much ease. Our vegan pasta is not only good served as pasta, but can also be used as bases for most other foods depending on the tastes and preferences of the person eating them.

Greek Orzo with Saffron.
Greek Orzo with Saffron.

To cater for the wide range of tastes and preferences, Dolopia provides three different categories of vegetarian pasta.  These include Gemeli with vegetables, Gemelli with porcini and Gemeli with Paprika. Gemelli with vegetables is predominantly made using vegetable ingredients with perched colours created by the mixed colour of spinach, carrots and tomatoes. Its loves for making pasta salads as well, which are a favourite refreshing dish during the sunny days of the summer.

Gemelli with porcini can also be served with alternative meat meals and is ideal for other cold dishes and pasta meals. Its rolled with brass dice to give its characteristic rough surface that aids in holding up cheese and other ingredients. Finally, Gemelli with smoked pepper derives its characteristic colour from the red pepper.  It has a unique shape as well and widely used as a base for vegan pasta salads.

Whatever your specific needs are with regard to vegetable pasta we are sure you will love our delicacies. Come taste it!

Set 5 vegan pasta

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