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The best natural shampoo

The best natural shampoo

The best natural shampoo.

The best shampoo for your hair and head is a natural shampoo. Natural shampoos do not contain any harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Chemicals used in most shampoos are hard for your skin and can cause it to dry out and so cause dandruff. The skin underneath your hair is sensitive and can easily absorb water but also the chemicals in your shampoo. The consequences of these harsh ingredients on your body are all unclear for us, but never can be healthy.

We advise using only natural hair shampoos for your hair, natural shampoos clean just as good or maybe better. One thing is for sure with a natural shampoo you do not get any chemicals in your body or wasted them down the drain together with your shower water.

Our down below recommendations are all considered natural and contain at least 96% or more, pure natural ingredients.

Herbal Shampoo for all types of hair.

1 BioAroma Herbal Shampoo for daily use.

What: BioAroma Herbal shampoo for daily use, Herbal shampoo with only natural ingredients in a 200ml bottle. Cleans your hair excellent and feeds your scalp skin and hair with Aloe Vera, keeping it healthy and shining.

When: For daily use by him or her, as a soft shampoo that cleans your hair thoroughly and leaves your hair clean, soft and feeds your scalp skin.

Price: € 11,95

Where to buy: Click up here

Shampoo, for normal or dry hair, dry hair shampoo -

2 Evergetikon daily shampoo

What: Evergetikon shampoo for daily use. Shampoo, for normal or dry hair with Cretan herbal Dittany and Orange. 99% natural ingredients.

When: Daily use of our shampoo is recommended, suitable for him and her. Keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

Price:  € 9,95

Where to buy: Click up here



Shampoo with Chamomile extract for every day use. -

3 Chamomile extract shampoo

What: Chamomile extract shampoo for daily use from OlivePlus. Perfect shampoo with all the benefits and scent of chamomile extract.

When: For daily use underneath the shower, for him and her. Contains natural ingredients based on olive oil.

Price:  € 9,95

Where to buy: Click up here


Shampoo for all hair types.

4 Shampoo for all hair types 200ml.

What: Naturelia shampoo for all hair types. With Olive Oil and Calendula. Its soft composition cleans and strengthens the hair ‘s natural defences, nourishing and moisturising, give it extra bounce, shine and beauty.

Where: Perfect shampoo for him and her, the Calendula in this natural shampoo gives extra bounce to your shiny hair.

Price: € 8,95

Where to buy: Click up here.


Hair toning shampoo that prevents hair loss with olive oil and argan oil

5 Hair toning shampoo with olive oil and argan oil.

What: Hair toning shampoo that prevents hair loss with olive oil and argan oil. Rizes hair shampoo contains laurel oil and B5 provitamin that hydrates your hair and prevents hair loss.

When: Daily use for him and her to prevent hair loss.

Price: € 13,95

Where to buy: Click up here


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  1. […] Our natural hair conditioner are containing only natural ingredients based on olive oils and glycerine soap and essential oils and herbs. They are feeding your hair and scalp on a 100% natural way and are good for your health and the environment around you. Natural hair conditioners work just as good as chemical fabricated hair conditioners in big factories. Beautiful hair must stay beautiful because your hair is always the centre of attention towards other people. Beautiful shiny hair is what you want and need and that is what our hair conditioner deliver to you. Use our hair conditioners 2-3 a week after you washed your hair with a natural shampoo. […]

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