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The best natural hair mask

Natural hair mask

The best natural hair mask

The best natural hair masks.

Think about natural hair mask as a super high-power hair conditioner. Natural hair masks are full of natural benefits because they are deeply nourishing and strengthening your beautiful hair. Hair masks contain natural butter and oils, like shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil and avocado oil. Because natural hair masks are only containing natural ingredients they are not harsh for your hair or scalp, they keep your hair healthy and your skin hydrated and healthy.

If you are a man or a woman we recommend you to use at least once a week a natural hair mask to keep your hair nice, easy to comb and prevent hair loss at an early age. No, a hair mask doesn’t take lots of your time. Simple after you washed your hair, apply the hair mask by gently massaging it into your hair and on your scalp. After 8-10 minutes you wash your hair again with warm water to rinse out the hair mask and your hair is beautiful shining, easy to comb and overtime, after a few weeks it gets much stronger.

Find her underneath our top 5 natural hair masks

Repairing hair mask with coconut oil and Argan oil 50ml.

1 Repairing hair mask, Coconut, Monoi and Argan oil

What: Evergetikon repairing hair mask, containing Coconut, Monoi and Argan oil. The precious oils in this hair mask strengthen your doll hair and make it easy to comb and shiny.

When: Once a week recommended for man and women after you washed your hair. Prevents broken hair ends and makes your hair shiny. Use it weekly to prevent early hair loss.

Price: € 11,95

Where to buy: Click up here.

Restorative Hair Mask 200ml. - BioAroma -

2 BioAroma Restorative hair mask.

What: BioAroma Restorative hair mask, perfect for people with middle or long doll hair. Natural treasures such as butter karité, famous for its softening properties. Avocado oil, ideal for dry hair, Laurel oil, rich in vitamin E and a mixture of essential oils against hair loss.

When: Is your hair damaged from lots of suns and swimming in the sea after a holiday or long summer. Or does it just need a big boost to become shiny and strong again?

Price: €18,95

Where to buy: Click up here

Hair mask with olive oil, aloe vera and honey. -

3 Moisturizing hair mask with olive oil, aloe vera and honey.

What: Rizes Moisturizing hair mask with organic aloe, organic olive oil, honey & wheat proteins and goji berry extract, ideal for dry hair exposed to the sun.

When: For him and her after your shower, use a little bit of hair mask on your towel dry hair. let it sit for 5 minutes and wash it out with warm water.

Price: € 13,95

Where to buy: Click up here

Intensive treatment hair mask for all hair types 150ml. -

4 Intensive treatment hair mask.

What: Intensive treatment hair mask from Naturelia for all hair types, with Olive oil and Almond oil. Entangles and provides bounce at the same time.

When: A professional formula that hydrates nourishes and restructures the hair giving it shine and vividness.

Price: € 9,95

Where to buy: Click up here


Hair mask for dry, coloured hair 200ml. -

Hair mask for dry, coloured hair

What: Ideal hair mask for dry, coloured hair with Cretan organic olive oil and grapeseed oil, Aloe Vera extract, chamomile extract, pro vitamin B5, wheat protein, keratin and vitamin E that hydrate and nourish the hair leaving it soft, healthy, shiny while preventing it from split ends.

When: Apply the OlivePlus hair mask for coloured hair on washed hair from roots to ends massaging gently. Leave it on for 5-10 and wash thoroughly with plenty of luck warm water.

Price: € 12,95

Where to buy: Click up here

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