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The best body massage oil

The best body massage oil

The best body massage oil.

The best body massage oil in your home must be a natural massage oil. Only a natural body massage oil does not contain harsh chemicals found in chemical or silicone oils. Harsh chemicals in silicone oils that can maybe damage your skin or can maybe cosh internal damage on the long run. Our body massage oils are all based on natural ingredients like olive oil or almond oil. To natural base oil, we have added 100% natural essential oils to stimulate all your senses.

Natural body massage oils are work just as good as chemical oils and maybe even better. Natural Oils are easy to use and you just need a little of them to stimulate yourself or your partner. We have selected our top 6 natural body massage oils for you here underneath. Natural massage oils are easy to wash off your body and don’t stain your clothes or sheets after washing them in the laundry machine.

Aphrodisiac massage oil with Jasmin and sandalwood 100ml - BioAroma -

1 Aphrodisiac massage oil.

What: Aphrodisiac massage oil, natural Almond oil blend with essential oils of sandalwood, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

When: Together romantic on the bed, this oil is very smooth and the scent of it really relaxes you. Massage each other to completely relax and let loose of the daily tensions.

Price: € 12,95

Where to buyClick here


Natural almond oil for massage and body hydration 50ml.

2 Natural almond oil.

What: Natural almond oil, 100% natural almond oil, smooth for body massage and hydration.

When: Small 50ml bottle, Pure Almond oil super smooth and hydration, perfect to massage the head and the neck from stress. This almond oil is perfect as a base oil, just add a teaspoon to your hand and ad a few drops of your favourite essential oil to it.

Price: € 6,95

Where to buyClick here

Natural Avocado oil, 100% natural avocado oil.

3 Natural Avocado oil.

What: Natural Avocado oil, 100% natural avocado oil. Contains a high amount of proteins and unsaturated fats, both of which are strong skin agents.

When: Small pomp bottle always a good dose, have it ready in the bathroom or at the toilet. Avocado oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids keeping your skin healthy and strong.

Price: €9,95

Where to buy: Click up here


body massage oil, oliveplus

4 Natural body massage oil.

What: Natural body massage oil. This natural massage oil contains organic olive oil, Grapeseed oil and Argan oil. We count this as one of our favourite body massage oils for you and your partner to massage each other.

When: Perfect for at home in the bedroom or for massage saloons, also perfect for a leg massage. Hydrates your skin and doesn’t leave any oily residue.

Price: € 16,95

Where to buyClick up here

Oil for relaxation massage 100ml - Bio Aroma -


5 Relaxation massage oil blend. With gardenia.

What: Anti-stress relaxation Massage oil for relaxation for external application, this massage blend is ideal for relaxation and recreation in a 100% natural way.

When: Together, massage each other to stimulate all your senses, the massage oil with Gardenia essential oils has an amazing stimulating effect.

Price: € 12,95

Where to buy: Click up here

Natural massage oil and aromatherapy 60ml. With bergamot and ginger - Evergetikon -

6 Massage oil, with bergamot and ginger.

What: Natural massage oil and aromatherapy 60ml Invigoration and energy. With bergamot and ginger.

When: Ginger is a particularly intense essential oil which gives strength and energy, invigorates and awakens the mind and body.

Price: € 12,95

Where to buy: Click up here

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