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Tagliatelles with shellfish.

Tagliatelles with shellfish.

Tagliatelles with shellfish is best served with seafood due to its delicious shellfish taste.

Tagliatelles with shellfish.
Tagliatelles with shellfish.

It can be combined with any kind of vegetables,beans, fresh herbs and olive oil.

We produce our pasta from the highest quality Greek traditional variety of durum wheat called “Mavragani”. The grain is stone ground into flour in order to maintain all of its natural characteristics.

Our pasta production is made in small lots, slowly extruded through bronze dies in order to produce pasta with rough surface and exceptional texture which optimizes sauce adhesion.

Finally pasta is slowly air dried at low temperatures ensuring that most of both natural aroma and flavor remain unharmed.

Tagliatelles Ingredients:
Durum wheat Mavragani, semolina, shellfish broth.


Tagliatelles with shellfish

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