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What is the best Foot Cream?

the best foot cream at

What is the best Foot Cream

I often get a question, what is the best foot cream?  I have many foot creams and ointments in the store and have discussed a few below.

First, a tip from me for people who have dry feet, eat 2 or 3 times a week a banana. Don’t throw away the peal but rub the white side on your feet because it is full of healthy B12 and other vitamins. Rub the peal on your feet and in between your tows, everything will be greasy and gelly but leave it for 20-30 minutes. Your feet will feel amazing and if you do it for 4-5 weeks once or twice a week, you will see the health of your feet improve.

If you have extremely dry feet and even have sore feet that make walking difficult, then I recommend making an appointment with a dermatologist first. A dermatologist can then prescribe an ointment with urea in it. A urea deficiency in the skin can be a major cause of extremely dry hands and feet. Urea is a substance that is not natural and therefore not in the natural hand and foot creams that we sell to you at ilovecrete

What we do sell are amazingly good natural foot creams to you.

Cracked Skin Cream 100ml

1 Cracked skin cream from OliveSpa

The first cream is especially for people who have dry hands and feet and maybe also knees that are dry. They may even be so dry that they sometimes tear or are painful. For that, I recommend OliveSpa Cracked skin cream, a natural hand cream with olive oil, almond oil and shea butter as fatty active ingredients. In addition, Chamomile, Calendula and Aloe Vera for their calming effect and Provitamin B5 for the moisturizing and healing effect.


The cream costs € 11.95 up here in the store

Herbal foot cream deodorant and emollient from Evergetikon 40ml.
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2. Evergetikon Deodorant and foot care

My second choice is a foot cream that also works great as a deodorant so perfect for people with a standing job and who suffer from sweaty feet. The Tea Tree Essential oil in this cream is a bacterial killing oil and thus helps prevent odour. The Calendula and Peppermint oil provide a fresh scent. This cream helps excellent against dry and chapped feet. The combination of olive oil, shea butter and beeswax ensure a rich, oily cream that heals and nourishes.


The cream costs € 8.95 up here in the store.

Naturelia Natural Foot Cream 75ml. -

3 Naturelia foot cream

Number 3 on my favourites list, is Naturelia foot cream for him and her. Delicious foot cream with olive oil and Arnica oil as main components. In addition, this cream has almond oil and peppermint extract in it. Because of those two added oils, it not only smells good, but your skin is well-nourished and absorbed quickly. This delicious cream nourishes tired and dry feet and ensures that they become and remain supple and soft.


You can buy Naturelia foot cream here for € 7.95


foot care cream with honey and aloe vera

4 Honey and Aloe Vera foot care cream.

Take a nice foot bath to relax your feet in the evening and then use this cream. This delicious cream is a bit greasy and takes a bit longer before it is completely absorbed by the skin. So this is really a cream to use for the tube in the evening and you have half an hour to relax and not walk. A very rich good cream, with olive oil and shea butter as main components. Honey and aloe vera for the care of your feet. Aloe Vera ensures good hydration and Honey has an antibacterial effect, so your feet smell less.

150 ml

OlivePlus foot cream costs € 9.95 and you can buy it here in our store

Relaxing cream for feet and heels. -

5 Rizes foot cream with peppermint and argan oil.

A nice good cream against dry and smelling feet. The main components are olive oil and argan oil so that the cream is nice and greasy but is quickly absorbed into the skin. Peppermint not only ensures that your feet smell fresh, but peppermint is also an anti-bacterial so that it also prevents smelling feet. This foot cream is good to use in the morning after your morning shower and you put on your socks for a long working day.

150 ml

Foot cream with peppermint costs € 14.95 and you can buy it here in our store


Find the best Foot cream for you, up here is an overview of all our creams.