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Green Tea Olive Oil Soap – 100gr.

Green Tea Olive Oil Soap - 100gr

Green Tea Olive Oil Soap – 100gr.


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Green Tea Olive Oil Soap – 100gr.

Soap is the most ancient cleansing method of mankind.
Its natural cleansing capabilities make it a necessary and irreplaceable product for our hygiene.

Despite the fact that there have been centuries past since its discovery, its way of production remains in essence the same. Soap production is a chemical process during which fats (vegetable or animal) naturally turn into soap. In Greece we are lucky since the Mediterranean climate favors us with a natural (vegetable) olive oil production for our soaps.

From olive oil has been proved that it has many health characteristics for humans; these characteristics make olive oil soap such a good and healthy product.

Ingredients: olive oil, sodium chloride, sodium palmate, sodium kernelate, tetrasodium EDTA, glycerin, aqua, mineral salts, perfumes.

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