Nef Amaris olive oil soaps and lip balms, all 100% natural.


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It is not uncommon for a tourist to completely fall in love with their tourist destination and take up a home in such a place. This was the case with Nef, a tourist who visited Crete, one of the most famed Islands in Greece and never found a reason to look back. Taking up multiple jobs on the island to sustain her living, she lived and dwelt among the people of Crete until when she accidentally came across an old woman who introduced here to a soap making technique. Simple, old and well tested, the technique became the next hobby for Nef.

What started as a hobby soon developed into a present making adventure, sending the soaps to friends and relatives as presents and gifts on special occasions. But whoever received these soaps loved it, and demand grew, forcing Nef to turn her hobby into a full-time job. The Nef Amaris olive oils soaps are mechanically blended by hand, making them a product of nature and in their natural form.  It is not lost that the same technique has been employed in the production of some of the most loved lip balms around the globe, with their popularity growing every other sunrise.

Nef Amari soaps present nature’s best goodness, with their mechanical production process guaranteeing a preservation of all the natural ingredients that come from the raw materials used. From natural glycerin and the vitamins and antioxidants that come in plenty with the natural olive oil, hand preparation ensures that majority of these ingredients remain intact to give you the best skin nourishment ever.

Nef Amari’s soaps and lip balms use some of nature’s most famed herbal products to give you a three hundred and sixty-degree protection experience. This includes the much touted Argan oil, the revered Aloe Vera herb, the respected honey and bee wax, nutritional goat milk, red clay as well as poppy seeds among others. All of these are some of the most respected herbal remedies around the globe, and packing them up in lip balm and soaps ensures that you are getting the best deal for every penny you spent.

Nef’s lip balm, on the other hand, is made to ensure that your lips remain moist all the time, while at the same time coming with a great taste and different scents that appeal to different personalities.  Yet these natural soaps and lip balms are made for the best – with almost every aspect about them customizable to the needs of the customer.  From the standard quantity to the labels and scents, Nef’s products are designed to appeal to your most sophisticated needs; instead of applying the one size fits all mentality, which may mean putting too much pressure on individual choices.

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