Raw Carob Powder (Carob Flour) BIO – 350gr.


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Carob powder is made from the long bean-like pods of the carob tree, a flowering evergreen shrub with native roots to the Mediterranean. Used as a replacement for cacao or cocoa, carob has a naturally sweet taste, without the stimulants typically found in chocolate.

Besides being delicious, carob is high in fiber, a good source of calcium, and has B vitamins, potassium and iron—just a few healthy reasons to use carob in your favorite sweet recipe.

Processing Temperature of less than 100 degrees – Gluten Free.
Raw Carob powder can be added to flour and can be used in cakes, hot drinks, milk shakes and desserts. It is naturally sweet and is a rich source of calcium and vitamins.

Nutritional AnalysisΔιατροφική Ανάλυση;


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