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Deli Carob spread 300gr.

Creta Carob Deli Carob spread chocolate replacement

Deli Carob spread 300gr.


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CretaCarob Deli Caob spread chocolate replacement, the perfect start of your morning, fresh bread with Deli carob spread the chocolate replacement.

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Deli Carob Spread.
It contains no sugar.

This delicious carob spread (healthy chocolate paste) can be used on bread, crepes and cake as a natural and healthy alternative to cocoa.

Nutritional Analysis


Level Up Your Morning Meal with Carob Breakfast Spread

When it comes to talking about spreads on the toast, then the options become endless with the possibility to make the breakfast tastier and yummy. Whether it is a sandwich or a simple toast, the spread is something that will make the base taste better, add a little kick to the first-morning meal.

People, usually, show their health consciousness while choosing the base, going for the whole grain bread for their breakfast. But, while picking up spreads for their breakfast, most of the time, they go with artificially coloured, and unhealthy spreads. The additional colours, flavours, and preservatives these spreads contain, are harmful to our health overall. It is necessary to choose a low-calorie, yet tasty and healthy breakfast spread and that definitely can be the Carob Breakfast Spread.


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