Carob Tea BIO – 500gr.


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Drinking a cup of carob tea after a meal can help to slow the release of sugars into the blood stream, and helps to fend off cravings for sugar-laden desserts.


  • Roasted, chopped carob pods.

100% organic and non organic.
Besides its healthy benefits it makes a refreshing drink that can be consumed hot or cold as an ice-tea. Its preparation is simple. Wash the carob well and place 2 tablespoon of carob in one cup of hot water. Boil it for about 20 min, than filter it. If you prefer it cold, put some ice in it and wait until it cools. The carob spreads its sweetness into the water, thus there is no added sugar needed. On the other hand if you like your tea even sweeter, use our carob syrup to sweeten it. Further, after boiling, the carobs are so soft that you can eat them and enjoy a little sweet delight with your tea. Also, it can be used in cooking as a side dish.


Nutritional Analysis;

30- 40 %
0.5 %
80.9 %
4.3 %
3 – 4

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