Carob Powder Cocoa Substitute 350gr.


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Carob Powder Cocoa Substitute.

100% organic and non organic, no preservatives and fillers added.
During processing the pods are roasted before milling to enhance the aroma and the taste of the final product. Our roasted carob powder is a great substitute for cocoa powder and a healthy alternative of chocolate. It can be used in confectionary, in cakes, hot drinks, milk shakes and dessert. It is also used in the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. It is naturally sweet thus it requires less additional sugar to sweeten. You can use our Carob Syrup in place of sugar to sweeten your favorite sweets. Our Roasted Carob Powder can be used in the same manner as cocoa powder. For every ounce of chocolate, substitute 3 tablespoons carob powder mixed with 2 tablespoons water; for powdered cocoa, substitute with equal amounts of carob powder.


Carob Powder Cocoa Substitute
Nutritional Analysis;

25 -30 %
0.5 %
89 %
4.3 %
3 – 4

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