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Discover now all the health benefits of our new olive honey soap.

Discover now all the health benefits of our new olive honey soap.

Olive Honey Soap.

There’s a new conversation sparking up around soaps, it is about our new olive honey soap. It wasn’t long enough that antibacterial soaps were outlawed in quite a few countries around the world, and people started realizing that, even though they had antibacterial properties, they were also decreasing our body’s innate ability to fight off unwanted pathogens. They did this basically by creating antibiotic resistance in bacteria that grows naturally on our bodies, which made it a lot harder in certain cases for regular antibiotics to fight off these sorts of infections.

However, you now have another option which you can turn to when you need an efficient soap which soothes the skin, moisturizes and cleans effectively while also making sure to protect your body from unwanted bacteria and other pathogens. And it does this through 100% exclusively natural ingredients. The olive honey soap for face and body is a great alternative to any other cleaning product out there, and in the following, we’ll see exactly why this is so, and why this soap is so efficient at doing what it does.

Olive Oil Soap

The main ingredient in this soap is olive oil. This is, as you might already know, a very popular natural cosmetics ingredient. Not only does it offer your skin the moisturizing effect it needs, but it also gives it a certain shine as well. In Mediterranean culture, it has also been used by people who dab it on their skin when they’re sitting out in the sun, or at night before bed. This leads to highly effective moisturizing effects which can not only make your skin feel great but actually limit the damage age does to it.

Another important benefit of olive oil in the olive honey soap is the antioxidant benefits it brings. Antioxidants are compounds which fight off free radicals produced in our body’s cells’ metabolic process. The residue from that metabolic process is called free radicals and it can actually damage DNA. We are also exposed to free radicals through environmental factors, such as pollution or bad habits, such as smoking. Olive oil’s antioxidant properties are well-known and well-documented so getting them through the convenience of simply using soap is awesome.

Real Natural Honey

The second major natural component in the olive honey soap is real, natural honey. Honey has been known since ancient times to be not only amazingly delicious when eaten, but also amazingly healthy. One of its first properties discovered was its antibacterial properties. Honey has since been used as an effective way to treat minor wounds and prevent them from getting infected. It also has huge anti-inflammatory properties as well, making it a great ingredient in this amazing soap. Along with its ability to lighten your skin, and the moisturizing effects of the olive oil, honey will greatly improve the look and feel of your skin, alongside making sure that your skin stays younger for longer.

All in all, DLC olive honey soap is an amazing product you should start using daily right now and stop worrying about pathogens while enjoying younger-looking, healthy skin.


2 thoughts on “Discover now all the health benefits of our new olive honey soap.

  1. Would like to know all of the ingredients in the honey/olive oil soap

    1. Hi Margaret,

      The ingredients as on the label are: Sodium olivate (sapomofied olive oil- kernel olive oil) sodium palmate, sodium palm kernalate, aqua, palm acids, Glycerine, sodium chloride, palm kernal acids, tetrasodium etidronate, tetrasodium EDta, mineral salts, honey, Perfum

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