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NOTIO Olive oil 500 ml.

NOTIO Olive oil 500 ml, Notio Exclusive olive oil. -
NOTIO olive oils.
NOTIO olive oils.

NOTIO Olive oil 500 ml.

Notio olive oil is a Greek premium extra virgin olive oil of a strictly limited production (1,600 kilos – 2,800 hand numbered bottles for the 2013/14 harvesting season) of the renowned Koroneiki variety. It is produced in a small, privately owned olive grove in the village of Agios Floros, Kalamata, by the Chrysikakis family.

Our traditional natural cultivation, following an entirely hand-picked harvest process at precisely the right time, and using the direct cold extraction milling, results in this full, sumptuous, fruity, extra virgin olive oil with a minimal acidity (about 0.20, when the legal limit for this category can reach up to 0.80) and a high presence of polyphenols.

We are passionate and dedicated to cultivating our land and producing our olive oil in a most sustainable manner. This guarantees a higher level of purity, quality, and taste for this flawless bottled extra virgin Notio olive oil.

Monovarietal “Koroneiki” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Kalamata region, extracted by a cold-pressing process.
(During Malaxation and Extraction the olive paste was kept under 27ºC/81ºF).
Average of harvested trees: 450
Month of harvesting: November 2014

NOTIO olive oils.
NOTIO olive oils.

Nutrition Facts;
Acidity: 0,24 (at bottling, Jan. 2014)
K270: 0,120
DK: -0,005
K232: 1,505
Peroxide Value: 6.8
Waxes: 38-40


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  2. Hi my name is Samantha and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here. I discovered your NOTIO Olive oil 500 ml and I loved it I have ordered today 3 more botles please keep this product in stock.

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