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Nef's Armani olive oil soaps

“Nefs Amari” handmade olive oil soaps.

“Nefs Amari” handmade olive oil soaps.

Nef is originally from Essex a town an hour ride from the capital London of the UK, a county famous for its agriculture, heavy industry and being the HQ of the UK financial data services. She took a plane in 1996 to Crete to spend a 6 months summer work break and as so many British she fell in love with the island, the culture and the people and never left the island. Working on the island in various jobs as water sport photographer, and bar work she earned her money during the summer months when the island is full with happy tourist enjoying their summer holidays. Picking the famous Cretan olives and grapes during fall and winter season just like the most Greeks do, she worked and flowed with the seasons and the years.

It was during one of those cozy Cretan winters of olive picking in 2010 that she got to know an old lady in the town of Amari who teaches her the ancient way of making the world famous Cretan olive oil soap.
Together with the old lady she learned the perfect way and recipe for the now well-known Nefs Amari olive oil soaps.

She passes some of the soaps too here friends in the UK and on the island as presents and as gifts and slowly they started ordering and created a demand.  During 2011 she opened an official business and has now turned her hobby into a business and has her own workshop close to where she lives in Rethymno. Nef sells her soaps only to businesses direct and you can find them in most tourist shops and health shops at Rethymno and wider area, and now also available for sale on our page.

Rethymno is a city of approximately 40,000 people in Greece, the capital of Rethymno regional unit on the island of Crete. It was originally built during the Minoan civilization (ancient Rhithymna and Arsinoe) but was never a competitive Minoan centre. It was, however, strong enough to mint its own coins and maintain urban growth.
One of these coins is today depicted as the crest of the town: two dolphins in a circle.


The seal of Rethymno

The seal of Rethymno



“I love to use my own products, I wouldn’t use anything else and neither would my friends. When I use commercial soaps my skin becomes dry and tight, this is due to the fact that the big producers are removing the natural glycerin and putting it in their more expensive products.”


6 handmade soaps by Nefs Armari

6 handmade soaps by Nefs Armari

Nefs products are 100% natural and as a base is used a 100% natural cold pressed olive oil certified by the co-operation of Rethymno, organic farming ingredients as Argan oil, aloe vera, lavender, popyseeds (as a natural exfoliator), honey, goat milk and red clay are added to create a range of amazing soaps for daily use.

“More and more people are using natural cosmetics free of chemicals, parabens and any other nastiest they use nowadays to produce cosmetics. I see natural cosmetics as a growing industry.”



But there is more goods coming from “made by: Nef” she also produces a range of fantastic lip balm’s that you must try out yourself. Made from natural beeswax, Shea butter and aloe vera, harvest and sold by local producers on Crete.  A lip balm that protects your lips from the sun and looks and taste fantastic, there are four different one’s available; Strawberry, Coconut, Cherry  and original.

Nef is always keeping an eye open for new scents to add to here current range of natural soaps and lip balm’s so keep a regular look on our page for a update of her amazing products.

Nef's Armari products

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