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Anti Acne Cream 40ml. - BioAroma -

Our recommendations for face skin with acne and pimples, anti acne cream.

anti acne cream 40ml.

Anti acne cream 40ml.

For those with skin problems, we have some really nice and good natural products in store.

When you have acne problems we recommend to use once a week our 100% natural face peeling with lavender grains.

Peeling is the only procedure which cleans your skin by opening the pores and removing dead skin cells.

After the peeling applies a mask with green clay in order to achieve a comprehensive treatment for oily secretion. Mix a teaspoon of the clay with water until it becomes a liquid mud. Apply the mask to face and neck and let it dry for about 15-20 minutes.
Rinse with water.

For extra hydration, spray your face with the face tonic with Dittany and Rose extract.

After one hour apply the anti-acne cream on the skin.

Use the peeling and the face mask only once a week, the face tonic and anti-acne cream use daily after shower.


Healty skin

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  • Anti Acne Cream 40ml. - BioAroma - www.ilovecrete.euacne-cream-40ml.

    Anti Acne Cream 40ml.

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