Flights to Crete Island.

At we offer a wide selection of flights to the Island of Crete from any destination near you. We have included flight offers from Greece National airline company Eageanair but also Easyjet, Transavia, Ryanair, KLM and many more. Finding a flight is easy just enter your departing airport near you and the days you would like to travel to Crete and we will find the best flights to Crete for you. For the regular flyer to Crete, we not only offer the best flight to Crete but also Cheap flights to Crete and Economy flights to Crete, we can imagine you will look for a cheap family flight to Crete when you travel and Fly with kids to Crete.

Crete has 3 major airports Sita (JSH) and Chania (CHQ) and the biggest in the middle of the capital of the island Herkalion (HER).






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