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Level Up Your Morning Meal with Carob Breakfast Spread

Level Up Your Morning Meal with Carob Breakfast Spread

Level Up Your Morning Meal with Carob Breakfast Spread

When it comes to talking about spreads on the toast, then the options become endless with the possibility to make the breakfast tastier and yummy. Whether it is a sandwich or a simple toast, the spread is something that will make the base taste better, add a little kick to the first-morning meal.

People, usually, show their health consciousness while choosing the base, going for the whole grain bread for their breakfast. But, while picking up spreads for their breakfast, most of the time, they go with artificially coloured, and unhealthy spreads. The additional colours, flavours, and preservatives these spreads contain, are harmful to our health overall. It is necessary to choose a low-calorie, yet tasty and healthy breakfast spread and that definitely can be the Carob Breakfast Spread.

Why Switch to Carob Breakfast Spread

The preparation of Carob Breakfast Spread requires less sugar like the traditional recipe of jam. One can feel the natural sweetness of carob in this spread. Carob is anti-allergic, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic, in nature. And all the nutrients of carob have been kept intact in this carob spread. This spread doesn’t contain any artificial colour, flavour, fillers, preservatives, extenders or corn syrup. It is a good and healthier substitute for chocolate.

What Is Carob?

Carob, also known as St. John’s bread, is no different from other nuts and seeds. It is a flowering shrub and belongs to the pea family. The fruit comes in a dark brown pod, carrying seeds and pulp. The most common form of carob products is its powder, which looks and tastes like cocoa. It is rich in Vitamin-D, antioxidants, rich in fibres, gluten and caffeine-free, and contains less sugar and fat.

No doubt carob is a healthier alternative to cocoa and mostly used in baked goods, beverages, dairy products, cereals, etc. for the people who are lactose-tolerant, and prefer to be vegan, then carob can be a dairy-free, healthy alternative. Like many other forms of carob products, Carob Breakfast Spread is potent enough to kick the chocolate spread from the breakfast table, yet keeps the happiness of the taste buds intact.

Health Benefits of Having Carob Spread At the Breakfast Table

  • Carob is rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants, protecting the body from radical damage and environmental toxins.
  • Compared to regular cocoa and chocolate, carob contains less sugar, helps to control and prevent blood sugar level. That’s why it is a safe dietary choice for diabetic patients, who don’t want to deprive their sweet tooth of indulging in choco fudge, brownie, chocolate milkshake, etc. on special occasions.
  • As carob is rich in fibres, it promotes better digestion. It also stimulates the bowel movements. It preventing Diarrhoea.
  • Carob spread is a low-calorie replacement of high-calorie and high-fat sweet spreads. It controls the cholesterol level, blood pressure as well as helps to lose weight.

Apart from carob cookies, beverages, Carob Breakfast spread can be a healthy addition to every breakfast plate, making the toast more palatable, turning a lacklustre meal to luscious bite.

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