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BioAroma Natural Cosmetics

BioAroma natural Cosmetics

BioAroma Natural Cosmetics made at Crete – Greece.

The Greeks are famous for their Knowlege of nature and Natural Cosmetics, Especially the cosmetics from Crete island. Crete has its own university in the capital Heraklion for chemistry and science students. So Because of the many graduate students, Crete has many creative and smart people who focus on cosmetics. Crete island is a treasure for people who love nature and natural and biological products. Famous is Crete for its olive oils, but also Honey, spices and herbs. They are available in uncountable different kinds and forms and species.

BioAroma Crete at Agios Nikolaos is one of those above mentioned special companies at Crete. Family owned small factory producing and developing only excellent 100% natural cosmetics, in small batches.  The small distillery for the production of essential oils is founded in May 2007 by its owner Manousos. Manousos born in Agios Nikolaos did his mid-school in Agios Nikolaos. After his mid-grade, he studied to become a fantastic chemist at the University of Heraklion the capital of Crete.

Distillery exhibition.

Manousos started BioAroma Crete with a distillery of Essential oils. Still today, their own distilled oils are the base for all their natural cosmetics. When you have the change to visit the amazing beautiful town of Agios Nikolaos for a holiday, don’t forget BioAroma. You can find their factory on the main road before you enter Agios Nikolaos. They are open 6 days a week and they have a little exhibition centre. At the exhibition, they show you the history and current way of distilling essential oils and you can see their modern distillery and factory at work.

bioaroma distillery agios nikolaos
BioAroma distillery Agios Nikolaos

distillery from bioaroma
Distillery from BioAroma

essential oils from bioaroma
Essential oils from BioAroma

Products from BioAroma are all natural, made with ingredients found on the island of Crete. Beeswax, honey, olive oil and Almond oil, are a few of their main ingredients. Because of the combination of the main ingredients and their homemade essential oils they create amazing beneficial cosmetics for your skin. Products from their small factory are quickly becoming world famous. Yes. people from all over the world are ordering and enjoying their products. Products without any chemicals added and dermatologically tested. So no animals were harmed during the development of their natural cosmetics.


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