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Benefits of liquorice tea

Benefits of liquorice tea

At the beginning of January, I started my diet. Among other things, I stopped taking sugar in my coffee and tea and drinking soft drinks. Because I love sweet and drink in one, I started drinking liquorice tea in the afternoon. Wonderfully tasty hot tea that is also deliciously sweet, so I don’t need extra sugar. Sometimes it is claimed that liquorice tea has a medicinal effect, sometimes it is said that you have to be careful with this sweet tea. What are the secrets of this tea?

What is liquorice / sweet wood tea?

sweet wood tea
sweet wood tea

Liquorice tea is a tea made from the ground roots of the liquorice plant with the difficult Latin name “Glycyrrhiza glabra”. This plant is originally from far outside Europe, but you can now also buy this plant in the Netherlands. Liquorice contains the plant substance Glycyrrhizone and is a constituent that can be found in liquorice root extract.

Liquorice root extract contains a sweetener that is 30 to 50 times sweeter sugar. However, this sweetener is not harmful to your teeth and does not affect your tooth enamel. You can not only buy liquorice sticks in the health food store but nowadays you can also return to the candy store as a responsible candy.

Researchers in laboratories can divide liquorice root into as many as 134 different constituents that they have discovered in liquorice root, each with its own effective effect. The 4 primary types of constituents that these researchers have discovered in the liquorice root are Flavonoids, stilbenoids, triterpenoids and coumarins. * 1

  • Flavonoids often contain many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances.
  • Coumarins and stilbenoids are substances that are often anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.
  • Triterpenoids sometimes contain steroids.


Is sweet wood tea healthy?

Moisture absorption
Every tea type has its own health benefits and of course also disadvantages. Drinking liquorice tea initially contributes to our daily moisture intake of minus two and a half litres of water per day.

Liquorice helps to reduce stress because it helps the stress hormone cortisol within the body to work more efficiently. It has the same calming effect as, for example, ginger, but liquorice tastes much better and therefore drinks better.

Gastric acid
The Japanese have known the use of liquorice tea for centuries and use it with heartburn or bloating. Liquorice can calm your stomach and ensure that you get rid of your stomach cramps.

Sore throat
In the event of a sore throat or flu, a cup of liquorice tea is wonderful to soothe the sore throat. A sore throat can be caused by, for example, a lot of coughing or flu. Eating liquorice can help because the liquorice also contains liquorice. So make sure you have some liquorice tea in the cold winter months.

Cons of liquorice tea

As you can read above, liquorice has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages. Make sure that you do not buy more than three or four teas (200 ml) per day. Too much of the tea can cause the body to retain moisture or cause palpitations. So enjoy one or two cups of tea a day to satisfy your sweet tooth if you are on a diet like me.


* 1

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Benefits of liquorice tea
Benefits of liquorice tea
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