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The only 100% natural anti acne treatment that works.

anti acne treatment

The only 100% natural anti-acne treatment that works.

The only set you need to purify your skin and get ride-off blackheads forever.

The first 100% effective anti-acne face remedy you will ever need. Research has shown that the combination of the precious ingredients in these products works together as an antiseptic and a purifying treatment to fight pimples.

Start to make a gentle face scrub once a week with the 100% natural face peeling with lavender grains in order to get rid of face pimples. Peeling is the only procedure which cleans your skin by opening the pores and removes all dead skin cells.

After you did the scrub, you rinse your face good with luck warm water and let it dry, after 30 minutes you make a face mask with green clay. Mix a teaspoon of the clay mask with a few teaspoons of bottled water until it becomes a liquid mud. (Tip: mix the clay and water inside an egg holder)  Apply the mask to the face and neck and let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse the face and neck again good with luck warm water. A mask with green clay should be applied to the face after peeling in order to achieve a comprehensive treatment for oily secretion.

For extra hydration, spray the face with the face tonic lotion with Dittany and Rose extracts.

Wait for half an hour and gently apply the anti-acne cream on the face and neck.

Warning make only once a week a face scrub and face-mask, the face tonic and acne cream can be applied daily after the morning shower and face cleaning.


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