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“A taste of Crete”

a taste of Crete.

From the Island of Crete – Greece we bring you “a taste of Crete” a box full with 100% Natural and biologic products from the Island of Crete, ready for you to discover.

Try now a fresh home-made hot cup of the famous Cretan Mountain tea, carob tea or the best 100% biologic coffee replacement carob caroffee. For the sweet lovers there is a jar of traditional Carob honey in the box to sweeten your tea or caroffee to your favorite taste.

Treat yourself and family on a traditional home made Greek meal with our ready mixes consisting of only natural herbs and spices. Serve your family home made Tzatziki, served with Gyros or souvlaki, potatoes and chicken from the oven and served with a Greek salad. The chicken and souvlaki of course sprinkled and baked with traditional extra virgin olive oil from the mountains of Neapolis and your Greek salad sprinkled with our special olive oil mix with herbs for Greek salads.

As a side dish with your family dinner some traditional green olives and some toast with black olive paste with Feta cheese. Your family will love you for this great meal and there are enough mixes for 3 meals for five guests in this box.

Tread yourself as one of the Greek gods and discoverer the cleaning and heavenly scent of roses when you shower with our Glycerin soap with sea sponge, or traditional handmade olive oil soap both in this box. After the shower stay dry and fresh the whole day and use our 100% Natural crystal deodorant stick with essential sandalwood oil, suitable for him and her.

Don’t forget before you leave the door to use some aloe Vera lip balm to attract that Greek god(dess) that you where looking for.

Order the a taste of Crete box now for 99.00.

What’s in the box ?

Green olives 400 gr.
Black olive paste with feta 100 gr.
Mountain villages extra vigin oilive oil 750 ml.
Mix for Tzatziki 140 gr.
Mix for Greek Salad 45 gr
Mix for Gyros- Souvlaki 60 gr.
Mix for Patatoes 50 gr.
Mix for Chicken  50 gr.
Mountain tea 12 gr.
Cretan diet olive oil for green salad 250 ml.
Glycerin Face soap with Sea sponge-Rose 100 gr.
Olive oil soap for Face & Body- Rose 90 gr.
Natural Deodorant Crystal stick 120 gr.
Carob honey 230 gr.
Carob tea 500 gr.
Caroffee 350 gr.
Carob soap with Aloe vera 100-115 gr.
Extra virgin olive oil Organic 250 ml. (CAN)
Lip Balm Original. 8gr.

Order the a taste of Crete box now for 99.00.


A taste of Crete

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